The Top 5 Reasons Self-Honoring Choices Are So Powerful

As we find ourselves facing what could be the worst week in the Pandemic, you may find yourself spending more and more time in thoughts of fear, worry and anxiety.  My goal in this post is not to tell you that this is wrong.  What I would like to offer, though, are some thoughts for your to consider about what self-honoring choices really are, what they can actually do for you, and how they may just be "what the doctor ordered" for you at this moment in time.  Below I will offer the top 5 reasons self-honoring choices are so powerful.  I hope you will be able to see how they might serve you.

Reason #1: self-honoring choices take us out of the past, out of the future and plunk us right into the present moment; where all the power lives. 

In my book, IT'S TIME FOR A YOU-TURN, I talk about how we connect with self-honor.  This is actually done very simply by asking what I call, the "bridge" question: "What is the most self-honoring choice I can make right now?"  This question is deceptively simple.  However, it will create an inroad to your intuition, or the deeper part of you, where real honor lives.  If you practice yoga or meditate, you have learned the power of being in the present moment.  In short, the present is where the all the power is because it is the only moment you can take action in.  You can't take action in the past or future. Therefore, by asking over and over, "What is the most self-honoring choice I can make right now," you will be activating a valuable connection and accessing choices that get more powerful and profound the more you use them.  

Reason #2: Using self-honoring choices will drive you toward living your life more intentionally and skillfully. 

As we connect and act upon the information we "receive," from our bridge question, we dial in our choices.  They become less and less random and more and more purposeful.  As we begin living with greater skill and intention, we actually leave less room open for the ego-mind to get busy creating scenarios that may be generating thoughts and then emotions that are counterproductive to our happiness, our confidence, our health, our faith.  We can always interrupt that cycle with our bridge question.  Here you can also begin to notice what mental habit patterns are your defaults--and then from those places--ask the bridge question and see how you are directed elsewhere.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to discover that negative habit patterns emerge more readily when we are not living intentionally or skillfully.  Self-honoring choices are the seeds of skillful, intentional living, nourishing us to a higher quality of life.

Reason #3: Self-honoring choices inevitably create more peace and energy. 

How?  Every single self-honoring choice you make will actually create a small boost of energy.  You will feel good having made one and another and another until you feel as if each one is slowly and consistently dropping vital essence into your energy "bucket."  As the world and its infinite circumstances are presented to us, some which lift us up, some that steal our precious energy, we can move forward with more confidence using this powerful tool to keep on re-filling our bucket so we will never feel empty.  The more you engender this confidence through building and using honor-consciousness, very naturally you will also be living with more peace.  You may even have an actual experience, not just a thought, that proves to you energy is infinite and you now have a way to access it, in any moment, on any day, in any circumstance.  Here, I hope you are understanding more deeply the power of that question, "What is the most self-honoring choice I can make right now?" That, in and of itself brings greater peace, in all times. Period.

Reason #4: Self-honoring choices build self-reliance.

What is self-reliance made of?  Have you ever really thought about that?  It seems to me that it is a combination of building strength in four areas; mental/intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical.  A simple self-honoring choice can have a positive effect on each one of these.  A self-honoring choice might direct you to think a new thought, which would activate a different emotion, from there, naturally initiate a more positive action.  Self-honoring choices might activate your mind to choose an activity like moving and connecting with your body instead of sitting still, stewing and worrying about things you cannot control.  A single self-honoring choice might direct you to listen to some nourishing music, take a breath, get or give a hug, really dig in to a project, or appreciate the sacred.  Every time you make a self-honoring choice, you are building resilience, strength, confidence and happiness in one of these four areas.  You are a multi-faceted being who needs a variety of things in order to feel balanced, joyful, strong, happy.  Self-honoring choices get you there.

Reason #5: Self-honoring choices increase your happiness and help clarify your purpose.

The better you get at taking the self-honoring cues from you inner self, the happier you will feel.  What you will also find, over time, is that you start caring more about the way you feel and you also notice the incredible power of feeling good.  Feeling good, generally means we are more aligned with the deeper self.  The closer we get, the more often we align, the more clarity we receive and the more purposeful we become.  Clearing away the old, unproductive thought patterns overtime and replacing them with self-honoring ones, we gently and organically find ourselves moving forward with a greater sense of purpose that is supported by our every-growing clarity.  Then, it's easy to see that as we enjoy more and more clarity and strength of purpose, we can't help but build and enjoy a more consistent sense of happiness.  Better yet, we may even realize that there is no limit to the amount or depth of happiness that we can experience.  Regardless of circumstances, we begin to understand that happiness lives and arises from within.

This, dear friends, is the YOU-TURN.  Coming back to deeper self in every moment that we can, to heal and grow into beings that are truly free in the greatest sense of the word.  Build on those moments of self-honor until you feel a real momentum.  It's easy.  It's free.  It's available to everyone.  I hope you will ask yourself, at least once today, "What is the most self-honoring choice I can make right now?" And let the journey begin!


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