Ayurvedic Consultation

The Ayurvedic consultation is designed to help you deepen your experience of wellness through empowering and balancing nutrition and lifestyle practices.  This awakens new focus and awareness to support overall digestive, physical, and mental well-being. Your Ayurveda Action Plan will be based on Prakriti (your unique makeup) and Vikruti (imbalances). 

Contact consult@quietmountainwellness.com to schedule your free 20-minute introductory phonecall.

The Ayurvedic consultation will offer a detailed assessment and specific set of actions tailored to help you address your most pressing personal needs and concerns, lifestyle and nutritional challenges, preferences, and personal health goals.  Over time, Ayurvedic practices help bring the body back into a healthier zone of balance, and restore energy and vitality.
Initial consultation requires two 60 minute appointments: assessment and delivery. All services provided by Karen Palaszek, RYT 500, AYS, YACEP

Contact consult@quietmountainwellness.com to schedule your free 20-minute introductory phonecall.