Cave of the Heart Mala Bed
Cave of the Heart Mala Bed
Cave of the Heart Mala Bed
Cave of the Heart Mala Bed

Cave of the Heart Mala Bed

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Welcome to the TRUTH Collection!

There is great power in the Truth.  It can set us free.  It can heal us.  It can restore wholeness.  If we live it, deeply and reverently, it can bring us back to the best parts of who we are and are meant to be. We all express our truths in different ways at different times in our lives.  Truth in its many forms, is the inspiration for this collection.  

Every Cave of the Heart Mala-Bed™, is consciously made with artisan fabrics that pay homage to the sacred beauty, simplicity, and spiritual richness of your japa practice. 

Before each one is created, the air is infused with a proprietary blend of clearing aromatics and infused with hundreds of repetitions of healing mantras. It is the perfect resting space for your Mala or Prayer beads between practices. Explore the whole Truth Collection!  Choose from four color pairings:  *Beauty, *Courage, *Grace or *Joy.  Not sure which to choose?  Take our quiz.

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$3 from every online purchase will be donated to the Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, Pennsylvania, to support the building of the Sri Vidya Shrine. (Through June 1, 2019)

Because this product is handmade, please allow 2 weeks from order date to ship.  *All designs available in limited quantities.

***If you are purchasing a Whisper Mat and Breeze Mat Chauffeur and a Mala-Bed, please view the Blissful Yogi Bundle and save $12 on shipping!

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