A Little About Us...

At Quiet Mountain Wellness, our powerful mission is to help you connect more deeply with your whole, abundant self, and to teach you to reawaken your inner power through self-honor and reconnection. 

For those ready to invest in living more awake lives, we offer unique opportunities through specialized online classes that help you expand your consciousness with intention through our products and programs as modalities.  Your participation in an engaged way, will help you in clarifying and strengthening the vision for your health and life, no matter how lofty the goal.

Our ultimate goal is to give you the tools you need to access sustainable peace, confidence, prosperity and freedom in order to experience a greater mastery and vitality, in all areas of your life.  

Karen Palaszek, 500 RYT, MA, is a wellness professional, yoga products entrepreneur, author, practitioner and certified teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda.  She is also a certified teacher and Four Desires Trainer in the Para Yoga system, www.parayoga.com.  Her passion is sharing the wisdom, intelligence, relevance and power of these time-tested traditions with those invested in living transformative, healthy, conscious lives.


Karen Palaszek - Founder