About Karen Palaszek, Founder of Quiet Mountain Wellness

A Path Of Passion.

The entrepreneurial endeavor of Quiet Mountain Wellness began as an intuitive "flash."  One fine day when I was meditating, this flash "gave" me an image which became my first product; the Quiet Mountain Whisper Integrated Bolster mat.  I had no idea I would be starting a whole new chapter of life 20 years ago when I was practicing yoga and meditation to relieve stress, improve my health and slow the energy drain of being a busy mom.  Those humble beginnings grew to a moment of asking how I could give back to yoga, since it was giving so much to me, and I received the answer.  I did my research, created a prototype, patented this unique yoga mat and never looked back. 

Teaching, practicing and studying yoga, meditation, Spirituality and Ayurveda collectively for over 20 years now, has expanded and deepened my knowledge and experience of what true wellness and wholeness really means.  I have grown tremendously through all this personal work.  Even so, those wonderful flashes of intuition continue "stretching" me in new directions.  Those "stretches" have become books, products and services I have been guided to create to uplift my life and yours.  Everything on the Quiet Mountain Wellness website has been created from these gifts of inspiration.  And there are definitely more to come.  

I've learned that the path of listening to the heart with reverence, passion and obedience via building Self-honoring habits and routines, leads to a more powerful and purposeful life.  This is the ultimate state of "wellness."  It has revealed to me a greater understanding of what is truly for my Highest good and defines the way I live and "do" business.  Quiet Mountain Wellness will continue creating offerings sourced from deep inner wisdom for the good of all who seek to fill life with less stress, and more vitality, fulfillment, joy.  Living a high quality life is my path of passion and my mission.  I am confident embracing these visionary products and services will support yours, too.  May they bring many blessings.

Always for YOU,



Karen Palaszek, 500 RYT, MA, is an author of multiple books on awakening Self-honor.  She is a teacher, speaker, wellness professional, yoga products entrepreneur, long time practitioner and certified teacher of Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Her passion is sharing her experience and wisdom in many forms, with those invested in living transformative, healthy, vibrant, conscious lives.


Karen Palaszek - Founder