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We answer the call of your wellness journey with inspired products and transformative programs as well as yoga and meditation practice essentials to deepen your healing experience. Consciously awaken new levels of wellness. 

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Consider joining our 2020 healing project to contribute healing energy for the Earth and all people.  By wearing this bracelet, fortified with a million repetitions of healing mantras and prayers and by lending your voice, together we will intentionally cultivate one powerful, united voice. As our voices grow in number, so will the power to manifest the healing energy so needed by our Earth and all people.  Every voice matters.  The time for healing is NOW.

Wear our healing bracelet and follow the four tenets of the project (you can view them in the product section).  Then, using these tenets, recite, THE EARTH AND ALL PEOPLE ARE HEALING, 9 times each day. We encourage you to view the full presentation of the four tenets on YouTube and learn what makes them so powerful. Join us at our Youtube Channel/Quiet Mountain Wellness when we launch on March 13 2020 for the full presentation of A UNTIED VOICE FOR HEALING. For more information or to order, see our products section.

The Path To Wellness: Our Specialty

Radiant Body, Mind and Energy

Elevate your practice with an inspired combination of specialized yoga, meditation, healing and fitness products, as well as personalized practices. Our specialized products can help you create your best life on and off the mat.

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Nutrition, Yoga, Wellness & Lifestyle

Seeking health improvement? Yoga and Ayurveda are both great places to holistically grow your wellness! Learn how foods, routines and self-care practices help nourish and balance your body, mind and life with a personalized consultation.

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Living Your Best Life

Take your life to the next level with our powerful workshops, retreats, and programs.  Learn how to systematically elevate your habits, beliefs and start living a life of self-honor.  Thrive in your purpose, prosperity, contentment, and freedom.

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Seriously, Don't Just Take Our word For It...

One of those perfect examples of east meeting west to create an evolutionary product improvement.

Rita Treiger, Editor in Chief Fit Yoga magazine

Your mat is FANTASTIC!! It's amazing what it can do for your practice! 

Jill, Jonny Kest Center for Yoga

 A subtle shift in comfort and stability and, above all, a quiet, "this is how it should be" moment.

Veronica Zador, International Association of Yoga Therapists

News From The Mountain: A Blog



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The Power of Listening to Your Own Voice

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