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 Elevate your wellness.  Elevate your life.  Live the life that's calling YOU.

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We answer the call of your wellness journey with inspired products, transformative programs and practice essentials to deepen your healing experience. Choose to live a healthy, happy, conscious life and awaken radiant wellness.  Every. Single. Day.  

Rise higher.

Climb YOUR Mountains.

We all have our "healing mountains" to climb. Whether its personal, spiritual, health, work or relationships. Going it alone can become so frustrating and exhausting, that experiencing consistent health and happiness may feel, sadly, out of reach.

Ready for a new perspective?

Experience transformative programs and practices that will help you cultivate vibrant wellness, positivity, resilience, clarity and peace.  Create a unique skillset to rise above life's ups and downs with greater mastery.  Elevate the vision for YOUR life experience.

                             Enjoy the climb.

The Path To Wellness: Our Specialty

Radiant Body, Mind and Energy

Feel great in your body with an inspired combination of specialized yoga and fitness products, and personalized practices. Reset, recharge, and make the most of your time on and off the mat.

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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Seeking health improvement through food and lifestyle? Learn the foods, routines and self-care practices to help achieve your health goals and balance your doshas with a personalized Ayurvedic consultation.

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Living Your Best Life

Take your life to the next level with our workshops, retreats, and programs.  Learn how to systematically elevate your habits, beliefs and start living a life of purpose, prosperity, contentment, and freedom.

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Seriously, Don't Just Take Our word For It...

One of those perfect examples of east meeting west to create an evolutionary product improvement.

Rita Treiger, Editor in Chief Fit Yoga magazine

Your mat is FANTASTIC!! It's amazing what it can do for your practice! 

Jill, Jonny Kest Center for Yoga

 A subtle shift in comfort and stability and, above all, a quiet, "this is how it should be" moment.

Veronica Zador, International Association of Yoga Therapists

News From The Mountain: A Blog



Happy New Year!  If you are thinking about creating a better life in 2020, it's likely you have already made or are in the process of making goals,...
It's Time To Fill Your C.U.P.S.

It's Time To Fill Your C.U.P.S.

By now, most of you are well immersed into the holiday hubbub of parties, events, shopping, gifts, holiday cards and planning.  Whew!  Getting it a...
'Tiz the Season of Self-Honor:  8 Simple Choices to Boost Your "Holi-joy" (that cost nothing and can be done anywhere)

'Tiz the Season of Self-Honor: 8 Simple Choices to Boost Your "Holi-joy" (that cost nothing and can be done anywhere)

Did you read the title and wonder if it was a mistake? It's not likely that you may actually think of the holidays as a time to honor your own self...

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