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Sustainable wellness begins with Self-honor

NURTURING YOUR LIFE: Nurture and restore wholeness using Self-honoring thoughts and actions that optimize deeply meaningful, inspirational outcomes. Awaken and reconnect to your Inner Self, with our innovative blend of the practical and Spiritual, refreshing vitality, clarity, self-authority, self-love and personal peace. 

 The YOU-TURN System©: Join us for our 7-week online immersion program! You'll learn exciting and profound content, strategies, tools and techniques to grow greater peace and energy and SO much more. Create YOUR unique, sustainable, heart-centered foundation of Self-honor, and start living the inspired life that's calling YOU! 


UPLIFTING YOUR PRACTICE: Our visionary yoga and meditation practice essentials are intentionally designed to bring greater inner harmony and reverence to every single session. Our Quiet Mountain® Whisper Mats and MalaBeds are uniquely and lovingly fortified with millions of repetitions of sacred healing mantras to nourish and bless you.  OM.

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Building Self-Honor

Our books and online programs will guide you to systematically and exponentially elevate your thought, habits and life. Create vitality, purpose, prosperity, and freedom.

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A Radiant Energetic Body

Experience our unique, supporitve and patented yoga, meditation, healing and fitness products and create your best life on and off the mat.

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A Sharp, Clear Mind

Expand and train and your mind. Learn to nourish it with practices that relax, refresh and restore it.  Activate and empower your vision. Be the hero of your own story.

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in praise of: the quiet mountain whisper mat®

One of those perfect examples of east meeting west to create an evolutionary product improvement.

Rita Treiger, Editor in Chief Fit Yoga magazine

Your mat is FANTASTIC!! It's amazing what it can do for your practice! 

Jill, Jonny Kest Center for Yoga

 A subtle shift in comfort and stability and, above all, a quiet, "this is how it should be" moment.

Veronica Zador, International Association of Yoga Therapists

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