Happy Yogi Bundle
Happy Yogi Bundle

Happy Yogi Bundle

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The Happy Yogi Bundle

The Happy Yogi Bundle was created to save you money on shipping costs.  Instead of paying shipping for each individual product, when you purchase both a Whisper mat and the Breeze, you will automatically save $5.50 on shipping.  The cost of the Happy Yogi Bundle: $152.90

The Happy Yogi Bundle includes: the signature Whisper integrated bolster mat in Graphite/sky, and a Breeze mat chauffeur in your choice of either emerald mosaic or black woven.  Enjoy these innovative and versatile products to elevate enjoyment of your practice from start to finish!

For more information on the Whisper mat or the Breeze, or to view testimonials on either of these innovative products, please see specific product pages for photos and more details!

Whisper mat in Graphite  $74.95

Breeze mat Chauffeur  $59.95

Shipping charges: $18.00 (available in the USA only, except Hawaii and Alaska.)

Total: $152.90