MY HEART ALWAYS KNOWS  (children's book)

MY HEART ALWAYS KNOWS (children's book)

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MY HEART ALWAYS KNOWS, is Quiet Mountain's first children's book which teaches the importance of going within to find the "right" answers for oneself.  This Self-honoring story tells of how Cali, the main character, has lost a special gift from her mother and is very reluctant to tell her that she lost it.  You'll find out how Cali learns a wonderful new solution that works perfectly today and always.  This 22-page illustrated book helps children ages 5-9 to learn to think independently, to strengthen their mind-heart connection, and choose in ways that bring joy, peace and Self-honor.

Want a little more inspiration?  Check out the "My Heart Always Knows" bracelet to inspire you and your kiddo to keep the Self-honor growing!  (See Wearable Inspiration.)