The YOU-TURN System©

The YOU-TURN System©

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Our online course, The YOU-TURN System© is your gateway to learning to cultivate and live your life with self-honor. Based on the book It's Time For A YOU-TURN, by author, Karen Palaszek, you will increase your awareness, understanding, and ability to make Self-honoring choices that lead to an enlightened state of being. The incredible benefits of Self-honoring choices create a momentum of wholeness, peace, and energy; systematically awakening your unique, abundant inner resources to thrive.

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The YOU-TURN System© includes an e-book version of It's Time For A YOU-TURN, along with an introductory module, five separate content modules, a special tools training module, plus a bonus wrap-up week six module. You will create your unique set of strategic and unique directives to guide your personal evolution in the directions YOU choose.

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