Four Certainties in These Uncertain Times

I believe it is safe to say that we are living in uncertain times.  It's not a point I need to belabor.  And just as sure as I am of this, I am also sure that each one of us is seeing and experiencing the current times in our own unique ways. Some of us are feeling more anxious or threatened than others and there may be many legitimate reasons for feeling this way.  Those of us who have been living a frantic-paced life, may have already been somewhat off our centers.  Then enter COVID, and a highly volatile election on the horizon, all which may have us feeling like something is literally and unapologetically drop-kicking us all off center.  Stability may feel at least arms length away from your grasp.  You are not alone in this, we are in a state of chaos.  Even so, I am keeping the faith that something higher than a logical mind can help direct the chaos, blended with our highest intentions for the future and steer us toward something more nourishing, meaningful and stable for all. In the meantime, I hope the following 4 Certainties will give you something to contemplate on or snuggle up to in the moments when you feel anxious, or less than hopeful or peaceful.

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Certainty #1 - Your Beliefs will inform you.  This is why we all experience different things in different ways.  We all hold different beliefs, and though we may have many shared beliefs, each belief is nuanced with our own personal experience in that area.  As you look at what you are believing about the current times, they are also informing you about your beliefs in general. Do you feel afraid much of the time?  Are you doubting yourself?  Beliefs can be a funny thing.  Do we always believe what is in service to our highest good or Highest self?  Are our beliefs driven by ancestral trauma or our present moments?  These questions are worth considering.  If you are on a journey of self discovery and personal evolution, your beliefs will tell you much about where you are on that journey.  Because this is such a highly personal area, as our beliefs come from an accumulation of ALL our personal experiences and what we were taught to believe about their meaning, it is wise to go slowly.  A wonderful beginning is simply to ask yourself, "Is this belief for my Highest good?"  If not, then use the intention of your highest good to make an adjustment.

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Certainty #2 -  If you use the tools you have, you will have greater clarity regardless of the circumstances.  Sometimes what we may find, is that we may have tools that we have learned, i.e., a yoga practice, a meditation practice, a pranayama practice, a gratitude practice, affirmations or a relaxation practice.  But when life hits the fan, our fear level will supercede our clarity to use those tools and they become inert for us.  Our gut instincts aren't always to stop and meditate in the middle of a chaotic situation!  But because our minds are complex and elegant, we must embrace that it will be necessary to increase our consistency in our choice to use the tools we have, to keep us steady and clear.  The whole idea here is to be watching your fear and anxiety levels.  Once you become aware of a sense of either of these, it is time to take out a few minutes at your nearest opportunity to either, get away from the person, media outlet, etc., that is triggering your fears and second, figure out which tool you have that would be the best one for that moment in time.  The more we catch our fears and anxieties when they are small, the easier they are to dissolve.  In times such as these, we want to stay close to our sense of clarity in our speech and actions towards ourselves as well as others.

Certainty #3 - A Spiritual practice will anchor you.  The more we move away from inviting a Sacred Presence into our lives, the more separated we will feel.  The more we move toward a Sacred Presence in our lives, the more united we will feel.  I can tell you that my daily life is very much guided by my meditation practice.  Years ago, I had a hard time even sitting still in meditation, well, let's just say it wasn't even close to true "meditation."  Yet, over time I have learned to settle in, to let go, to be present, free and to connect.  There are no words to describe what this has done for my life, to my mind, my heart and my being.  This sacred connection with Spirit has healed me, protected me, guided me and anchored me in many ways over many difficult times, and continues to free me into greater levels of my authentic self.  It has grounded me, humbled me and awakened my intuition. Bottomline, I live my life as a whole, feeling safer and feeling that there is always guidance available to me.  I don't feel abandoned, or excessively fearful of what is to come.  I can settle myself enough to be in the moment, and address it rather than obsess about what I cannot control.  Remember, our greatest control lives in the moments we can take action in.

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Certainty #4 - Your personal stability profoundly adds to the stability of the world. In times like these, there is often a feeling of disempowerment because we believe that perhaps as a single individual, what can we really do that will make a difference?  I believe it is very easy to feel this way.  The good news is if you have taken stock of the previous three certainties, you likely will be able to see how your stability will indeed make a difference.  Remember, most everyone is craving safety and stability and looking for that, desiring it.  If you create those qualities in yourself, then you not only do that in service to your self, but for the good of all.  We all have a circle of influence which we can reflect or demonstrate certain beliefs or behaviors specific to our intentions and choices.  Imagine as your circle of influence picks up on and emulates your high intentions and stability.  This just means that others of like mind will do the same.  And the cycle continues to replicate itself.  Stability and clarity may feel harder to find now, as the sand in the fishbowl gets stirred.  Let the particles settle and become stable by connecting to what is ALWAYS stable, so that we can enjoy greater peace and share it.

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The times ahead may be volatile.  There are not many assurances we can hold at this time.  The one thing we can always be sure of though, is change.  Yes, the change feels greater now, more pressing, more dominant.  This also means there is greater need for us to actively work with it.  I encourage you to simply bring awareness to your beliefs as you move forward, use the tools that serve your Highest good, invite a Sacred Presence into your life, and add to the energy of stability to your own life and the world.  This way, no matter how things go, we can still maintain the knowledge and illumination of our highest Self to guide us, protect us, and free us into being our authentic selves who can access our full expression of talents and gifts to apply as we move forward into this great unknown.

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