Gaining True Freedom in 2024

As we begin another New Year, we often come with ideas or even pages full of intentions, goals and dreams.  Often, masquerading behind them are desires for more freedom in our lives—whether that comes from aspiring to changes in our finances, relationships, physical or mental health.  What we can miss by looking at the "trees" and not the forest, is that we don't always have to address each specific thing to start feeling the freedom we desire.  There is a way we can work from a more encompassing place, that gives us supportive and dynamic perspective, lightening our load on the path to what we desire in life.

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I have been on the road of "surrender" for a while now.  I have found it increasingly helpful to continue surrendering things I cannot change that connect me with sadness, anger or grief.  Although these are natural emotions, they are all quite draining especially when we hold on to them for periods of time.  What is the most draining?  When we create interpretations about them that ultimately continue to make us hurt, feel angry or sad.  Let me walk you through a simple explanation of what I mean.  If interpretations develop, they are like opinions created from our current state of mind or intelligence both mental and emotional.  These interpretations can morph into judgements, both good and not so good.  Either way, now these judgements may affect our moods as well as how we treat ourselves or those whose behaviors or choices we have interpreted.  

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That may not seem like such a big deal.  Yet, the longer we believe our own interpretations, the more rooted we become in them, and the more they start to feel like truth.  Although they may be our truth, they are not Truth.  And hence, the danger of interpretations.  When we do so wrongly, we carry the weight of negative perceptions in our minds and hearts.  This ultimately makes us feel heavy and bound, rather than light and free.  It drains our energy and slows our own journey to living the life we desire.  The one that feels good to us; that opens the new doors and gives us a sense of freedom, confidence and ease.  

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Taken even further, interpretations, especially negative ones, can make us feel like we are in a position to resent or, even in passive aggressive or just aggressive ways, punish or try to correct the one for whom we hold these beliefs.  Punishment is one thing that requires a sense of responsibility and clarity.  I personally, would not want that responsibility to punish another, as we never can know the short or long term result of our actions.  As we begin to surrender our grievances to a Higher power, we can also start even earlier in the "chain" and surrender our interpretations before they are fully formed perceptions or beliefs.  We can simply say, "I surrender this situation and allow the Divine to interpret it rather than me."  This way, any responsibility for the "punishments" or corrections one experiences in life are not upon us.  And hence we remain free.  This is how to gain True freedom in 2024.  

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Let your interpretations be surrendered to your Higher power.  Allow any corrections to be done through the Divine, rather than through you, and therefore, you have no responsibility in them.  Put that responsibility where it truly belongs and find yourself at greater peace, living in a body that has greater energy, with a mind that is clearer and a heart that has greater buoyancy.  This is the definition of a successful 2024.  The higher we aim to fix our issues, the more powerfully and successfully we cover all our bases.  This is how you can make use of the "forest" so you will not get stuck in the trees.  Good luck!


Always for YOU,


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