How Reason Inhibits Healing

Our reasoning minds give us power on a day-to-day basis.  If we have a good sense of self-esteem with confidence in our knowledge base, we can generally figure how to work through life's challenges, and live a pretty good, stable life. Useful, yes?  Now, imagine a place where the reasoning mind is not only use-less, but actually problematic.  Do you know where that is?  The territory of faith and forgiveness.  Applying reason here, is a recipe for a life littered with sustainable unhappiness, separation and unnecessary hardness. Let's explore why this is so.

The reasoning mind and time have connections to our worldly lives and are necessary tools to guide us through many aspects of life.  They are linear,  measurable and factual.  Using them skillfully, they help us to secure our existence, goals and achievements.  They assist us in dealing with the "hard facts" of our lives, and their structure can help us work through foundational challenges.  Yet, what "makes sense" can only take us so far.  At some point we hit our limit—especially when situations or people challenge us beyond our current knowledge or resources, and we must move beyond the measurable.  If we stubbornly grip only to our sense of reason, we will inevitably become "stuck" because the territory of faith and forgiveness is where this reasoning, linearity of mind, actually limits and inhibits both healing and resolution, i.e., the fruit of both faith and forgiveness.

black haired man making faceRealistically, it is difficult to find a sense of abiding happiness and wholeness in the limited linear alone.  As humans we think, but we also feel.  Our thoughts may be linear to a great degree, but feeling is not linear.  While feeling negative emotions like anger, sadness, overwhelm, grief or doubt that we cannot "reason away," we may also be making choices from these lower energy states that separate us even further from our wholeness and happiness.  Inevitably, we will all end up in situations where we must find our faith, or forgive ourselves (or others) as a pathway to quiet and dissolve the pains that extend beyond reason.  So we have a decision to make.  Seeing the wisdom here, you may realize faith and forgiveness can potentially give you far greater freedom, peace and healing than the reasoning mind alone.  

man and woman hugging near treesFaith and forgiveness burdened by reason will be like driving your car with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake—at the same time.  It burns out your engine and gets you no where.  Yet, there is very little as powerfully healing as faith and forgiveness that is without reason.  Faith and forgiveness are some of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and others—especially when they don't make "sense" to our reasoning minds!  And they don't need to, for when we leave reason out of the equation we can let go, so the deepest of healings can be activated from our hearts, the non-linear.  Faith and forgiveness are both healing, Self-honoring actions and bring uplifting positive energy as they so perfectly define and reflect our Highest good.  This kind of faith and forgiveness lives in a completely different zip code than reason.  Embracing them as such is the seed with the potential to grow a peace that surpasses all understanding.  A welcomed experience in all times.  

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