Letting Go The Weight of Instability: Easing Chaos With Creativity

Lots of change coming at us quickly can feel pretty exhausting.  The more instability we experience, the more fear that may come up. There is no doubt that the better percentage of us have sustained feelings of being challenged in ways that we are not used to being challenged.  There are days you may feel like things are changing so fast, that you are standing on quicksand.  It is likely that if we hold strong to what we have done and known as "normal" before this moment now, then we will continue to feel lost and be in some manner of mourning what feels like it no longer exists and may never return.  So in the midst of change we are mourning the past and fearful of the future.  Can you see how in that equation, there is something missing?  It is the present moment.  

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The more we feel knocked off our centers, the more our attention comes to the fore.  We have to pay attention to regain our balance.  Think about how much easier it would be for someone to get you off balance if they were to sneak up  from behind and give you a shove as opposed to you being able to see them coming.  This is power of presence.  When we are paying attention, rather than being caught off guard, we do much better.  We have an advantage when we see what's on its way.  Yet, even when that happens, it is likely that we will respond or react in the ways that are the most familiar to us.  It is often the case that when something we aren't familiar with is coming at us, we have to think fast, trust our gut, etc.  Think about a mother who lifts the car off of her child in a moment of terror, or someone who loses their job and dips into an inner pool of resources unknown before that moment. Something shows up at exactly the right time.   

When things start happening that you don't understand and don't know how to deal with, you can retreat into your fears and doubts.  NO ONE could blame you for doing that in these overwhelmingly challenging times.  As much as I understand this, I also would not want anyone to stay in that space for long.  When I think of the incredible people in this world who seems to be almost superhuman, I feel they have one thing in common.  When things get crazy, rather than feeling defeated by fear and doubt, they exercise their creativity.  If you think about it, chaos and instability tend to shake-up the status quo.  It's like the old rules, challenges or barriers have somehow shifted.  This is when new innovations can be born if we engage and expand our creativity instead of fear and doubt.  You see, the more we have to look for what is new, the less we depend on the old way of doing things. If you can ground yourself in present moments, even in the space of instability, you may find that your creativity--which by the way is limitless--may become for you a saving grace. 

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Instability can bring innovation and it often is the breeding ground for some of our greatest minds.  New products are created, fortunes are made, new discoveries come to light.  It can be a very fruitful time if we put our attentions on how we can use this time.  Ask yourself, "How can I work with what is happening to create new solutions?"  Instead of asking "What will these times take from me?"   We can assume a more passive role, and just let things happen to us.  Or, we could choose to take a more active, focused role and use this time to create a new way of doing something, a new way of seeing something or a new way of being.  This is a very productive use of the times we are living in.  I love knowing that my creativity is infinite.  It will NEVER run out.   I won't hit the walls using my imagination and creativity like I might if I was just going forward using only my logical mind, which of course is limited by my belief system, perceptions and past experiences, just as is yours.  Now feels like the time to balance any limitations we are experiencing with the limitless qualities of creativity and imagination.

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Imagine what you could create or resolve if you activated creativity and innovation, rather than fear and doubt.  Starting with, this: "There are solutions to every problem."  Imagine what you might experience or accomplish if you anchored your focus in this more positive viewpoint.  Positivity brings hope, faith and self confidence.  These also feed into the energies of creativity and innovation and support them to grow and expand even more.  Working with your mind this way, allows you to keep the inner naysayer dialog a bit quieter, expanding into the more positive realms.  When we feel more positive feelings and experience ourselves in a more positive light, this also benefits physical and mental/emotional health.  I love the idea that we all already have everything we need to create the lives that we are longing for.  Let's not let circumstances be the dictate of how or if we choose to use our tremendous gifts of creativity, resilience, optimism and innovation. These are in our DNA.  All we need to do is wake them up through our focusing on them, calling them forth to start experiencing more balance, clarity, energy and joy.  I don't know that there could be a more valuable or necessary intention in these times.  Let curiosity, wonder and creativity reign supreme.



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