Self-honor: A Balm for Life

Self-honor has become the cornerstone of how I run my business and live my life.  I realize through growing into the Self-honoring lifestyle, I have become more empowered, confident and peaceful.  As well, I am much clearer about what I really want in my life and have become far more able to achieve it.  I know I can depend on myself.  This is light years from where I was a decade ago.  And even further still from where I was as a young person.  What I have realized, is coming to know, use and truly embrace the Self-honoring lifestyle, has become a healing balm for my life in a way nothing else has.  It is a nourishing way to live my life.  And that is why I will continue to grow, learn about and practice, share and teach the Self-honoring lifestyle for as long as I possibly can.

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Each and every one of us has been through trauma in our lives.  This experience is so unique to each of us.  You see, even if it was "the same type of trauma," how we feel and move through it—or get stuck in it, will be unique to us.  However, what is most important is not what it is, but rather that we can begin to heal and eventually be free of it.  This is how we reclaim our lives after trauma.  Self-honor can be used in so many ways to support our daily growth path moving us away from traumatic patterns.  It guides and grows us into healthier, more supportive patterns with the power to help us experience our capacity to truly thrive, and to do so in a life we love.

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You might wonder what that "looks like."  Here are a few examples on a path of healing through Self-honor.  One, you may find yourself feeling more embodied and less emotional, i.e., like your emotions aren't just spilling your energy out so frequently and leaving you feeling empty.  Two, you might find yourself becoming more mindful about how much you are eating, drinking alcohol, or shopping, as these can be areas we look to and use, as a "comfortable" container for our less healthy trauma-driven thoughts, feelings and actions.  As well, Self-honor can empower you to more successfully hold yourself to your healthy goals, like losing excess weight, or have the courage to let go of a job that is sucking the life out of you.  You might find yourself sleeping better, making better decisions or more able to keep your word to yourself and others.  I hope you can see that each one of these can make a huge difference in life, as small steps taken over the course of time.

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So what is a Self-honoring choice?  It is one that brings energy to us.  It is energetically nourishing rather than depleting.  It is the difference between choosing impulsively to placate our senses in the moment or making the choice for our highest good which validates and aligns us to our sense of Self.  At the risk of sounding a bit contrived, Self-honoring choices are simple, but not easy.  And even though they may not always be the easiest to take, when we take them in small steps they become accessible and beautiful little steps uplifting us and helping us to activate and experience our own power, purity and joy.  Over time, we accumulate their positive results and find ourselves strengthened.  In truth, Self-honor feels a bit like a panacea, as these thoughts, feelings and actions activated from within us can be applied to each and every area of our lives.  

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Having found my way into Self-honor, I can say it has definitely been a saving grace in my life.  It can be so in yours as well.  No one who is willing to take the time and care to start living this lifestyle is immune from making positive progress.  When you do the work, you will get the result.  The positive results are available to everyone, just as is the connection of higher Self to those who make the time to meet it where it lives.  Quietly, in the heart, the seat of our souls.  This is where all wisdom can be found and the place where our own best answers to all of life's questions reside. It is an infinite and powerful balm for life, thankfully, always awaiting our arrival.  Is it time to start YOUR journey?

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If you are ready to learn more about Self-honor and how you can benefit from practicing the Self-honoring lifestyle... 

Check out my book about Self-honor, It's Time For A YOU-TURN here .  

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