Self-Honor Week #6: Healing Beyond the Band-Aid

In this week's blog we will explore the healing process and create a greater understanding of how we can use our personal power to improve the odds of healing to the greatest degree.  I believe this is one of the most Self-honoring and healing actions one can take in this process—fully engaging the power of one's own Self.  Healing gives us an opportunity to learn more about the body, mind and Spirit as we seek, cultivate and take holistic action to address all levels of our being.   We can indeed heal beyond the "band-aid mentality," i.e., stick it and forget it.  By using curiosity, inner listening, compassion and sensitivity we cultivate an environment that wisely and deeply supports our healing journey.   

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In my own view of healing, I see the need to first assess and address the current state of the mind, heart and the body.  We might be in a state where we think or believe negatively, we may feel down, sad or depressed, or our bodies may hurt.  A wonderful balm for all of those issues is slowing down, relaxing and getting more clarity on what is happening on a deeper level—beyond the band aid state.  There are practices like meditation, yoga nidra or prayerful contemplation, to help us relax and deeply tune in.  Once we begin releasing our mental and emotional churning, we can more easily look with curiosity and compassion on the underlying cause or may even discover clues or a solution to our health issue.

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You see, as we deeply relax, the space once occupied by churning thoughts and distressed emotions becomes available.  This is the perfect opportunity to develop a stronger connection to our inner truth, as here, intuition is more accessible.  After a session of deep connection you may wish to write down your intuitive insights.  It is worthwhile exploring them even if they are about nothing more than remembering how good it feels to be relaxed, free and open!  Often writing, in a stream of consciousness style, allows us to discover once hidden secrets or helpful ideas still residing in the shadow of our unconscious.  Even the words we use to express ourselves may offer new clues.  As we unravel those mysteries, we can begin approaching our need for healing from a more profound perspective.

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As you heal, it helps to remember you cannot separate the body from the mind or the Spirit.  They all work together, synergistically as a whole.  Embracing this idea through our stillness practices, prayer, contemplation and writing discoveries, we come to realize the truth of the adage, "as above, so below."  Compassionate acceptance here, means we learn our bodies cannot be consistently healthy if our minds are always churning or our emotions are in distress.  Through experience we also learn the power of Spiritual support to uplift us in an overall fashion in our quietest of moments.  These deep discoveries and insights assist us on each and every step of our healing journey.  And of course, friends, family and masterful health professionals may also play a valuable part in supporting our process.

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Knowing how to support your healing process can shorten the time you spend in sickness, just as not using the techniques at your disposal can make your healing journey longer or more arduous.  Making the Self-honoring choices of slowing down, listening within, being curious, compassionate and even playful about all our levels of being, we create a valuable connection.   We uplift ourselves in wholeness, which is a huge gift—one we can give ourselves everyday through intentional Self-honoring thoughts, words, decisions and actions.  Once we start taking charge of our health in this sacred way, we can unlock new and wonderful paths with the capacity to lead us to even higher states of healing and overall wellbeing; greater than we ever imagined.

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Thank you so much for following along with me over these six powerful weeks of Self-honor!  I am honored to have had the chance to share this important content.  If you liked are interested in learning more about Self-honor and how to use it in your life, please visit the website to view the links for The YOU-TURN System©, our YOU-TURN webinars, as well as the book, It's Time For A YOU-TURN.

I wish you all the very best on your journey to living a thriving and Self-honoring lifestyle!

Always for YOU,


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