Springing Forth With Meaning

As I write this blog, Spring has officially sprung.  I've seen plenty of robins in my yard pecking at the worms now moving and waking the underground.  It is also time for us to start moving.  But before we fling ourselves headlong into the new season, there are a few things we need to prepare to ensure meaningful movement and progress.  That will include pausing, collecting, sorting, selecting and integrating.  Doing so will improve your ability to fully enjoy the season and thrive.

woman in white long sleeve shirt sitting on brown tree log during daytime

Just as when we are preparing for a trip away from home, we first take time to collect those things we need to pack; the exact ones that will help to ensure an enjoyable and carefree trip.  From the winter cold which drives us inside, and hopefully also within, we have slowed down.  Perhaps on some cold wintry evenings, we read new books, meditated, rested, and began planting new seeds of thought in our minds and hearts.  With the freshness of a new season, we now will want to pause and start collecting our most valuable "seeds" to ensure that our choices will have the power to grow what we truly want, and will energize us with new ways to journey toward our goals.

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Just like spring cleaning your home, it is a good idea to spring clean your mind. Getting up a bit earlier now, you can spend some time contemplating on your new seeds.  Be sure to select the ones that hold the most value, whether they are old or new.  Then decide how you would like to start integrating those ideas and actions.   Start imagining interesting ways you can incorporate and integrate your best new ideas with the best old ones.  Then, let go the rest.  Sorting the mind helps us to organize both inner and outer worlds, keeping our growth process active.  From here we will soon see how our new found clarity and organization begins to reflect outward.  

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When we create a garden, whether flower or vegetable, it is a good idea to have a plan.  We will likely mix perennial plants with annuals and put all plants and seeds in the places where we know they will get optimum sunlight and water.  This may take time, or it may take experience to know what works best.  Be patient with yourself as you blend your old and new ideas and be free to experiment until you create a balance of something new that feels right.  It doesn't have to look or feel great from day 1, and you'll likely have to get your hands a little "dirty" as you dig in for your best answers.  Remember, it's a growth process where baby steps and patience build resilience and lasting change. 

person holding brown and black frog

As you start to get your new footing by experimenting and having new successes, don't forget to celebrate!  Often when we make changes and find ourselves succeeding, we undersell the true importance.  It is an incredible choice to evolve your life in positive ways.  It takes courage, compassion, integrity, consistency and a positive attitude.   So even if no one else notices your changes, celebrate your every success, large and small, as you grow new and exciting skills and become freer, happier and more capable in your life with each and every one. 

green, red, and white fireworks on sky at nighttime

The more we attend with clear focus on our truest and most important priorities, the more we will move with ease, confidence and joy, thriving in this season of rebirth.  Getting clear on what you want and staying focused is key.  So collect, sort, select, integrate (and celebrate!) all your progress as you fully embrace and welcome the newness and promise this season continues to bring.  Doing so will exponentially increase the meaning to your fresh start of Spring and make it a lot more empowering.  Let yourself bloom and grow with the flow!


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