The Power of Listening to Your Own Voice

There are a lot of voices out there.  All clamoring for your attention.  Living in this age of 24/7 media is a gift but also can take its toll.  There are so many platforms now to find information or entertainment, it literally is impossible to keep up at the lightening speed at which they continually expand.  This phenomenon somehow, leaves us feeling always "behind."  I fully admit I have listened to, learned from and enjoyed many things over the last few years, yet I have definitely noticed how listening to so many voices was actually decreasing my ability to hear my own.  It started to feel like a "crowding out" of my own thoughts with so many other ideas to consider.  I was constantly searching, never landing.  In the quest to refine the vision for my life by listening to other "experts" I was in some ways, leaning away from the true expert on my life. Namely ME, and the voice within.  I'll admit there were times that I wish that inner voice was a little easier to hear, but I've found, it's always worth the wait.


That might sound a bit esoteric, but what I do know is while I meditate and for the first few hours after that time, I feel the most clear about everything.  I feel connected to the unbroken within me, disconnected from stories, and a part of the vast, peaceful and unconditional.  It feels beautiful.  It feels nourishing.  It feels "right."  I knew I was going to have to do something to bridge these feelings of knowing with the feelings of not knowing and admit that listening to other voices--even the experts--were somehow diluting my own.  I was a bit anxious honestly, letting go of most of the content I was watching.  Yet, I knew in my heart that this was going to be a positive step, so I started unsubscribing to many of the other "voices" showing up in my inbox.  

It wasn't long after that time, that my ability to "hear" the urgings of meditation practice seemed to grow.  Although initially I admit to feeling a bit lopsided without all the content support, that space started to fill in with a new kind of support.  I felt clarity, powerful and fresh.  Waves of excitement and energy.  This was the beginning of what has grown into a healing project that I call, " A UNITED VOICE FOR HEALING."  The idea came straight from the urgings of my meditation practice; a desire to acknowledge the desperate need for healing of the earth and all people and find a way to meet that need for the good of all. This energy of love and clarity gave me new insight and purpose, as well as the courage to step out of my comfort zone and share it. Today, I launch a YouTube channel for good; my deepest desire is that it will inspire and give wise support for those looking to find their own authentic voice in this cacophony of voices that never seem to cease. 

I invite you to visit the product section of my website, purchase and wear the bracelet that has been fortified with a million repetitions of healing prayers to wear in support of A UNITED VOICE FOR HEALING.  I implore you to engage with the power of the subtle energies, to join the endeavor of igniting waves of healing energy for the earth and all people to enjoy.  It takes less than 30 seconds a day. That is available to absolutely EVERYONE.  I believe that when we are connected to the inner voice, our collective voices can more harmoniously align in true oneness in lieu of the many.  I encourage you to watch the full presentation on YouTube, Quiet Mountain Wellness/A United Voice for Healing, learn how you can help.   We are a world in desperate need of healing.  The time is NOW. 

four people sitting on shore forming hearts with their hands during golden hour

I'll leave you with this.  If you decide to listen to other voices, do yourself this favor:  make certain they are the ones enhancing your ability to listen to and hear your own.  If you asked my advice it would be, go within.  Make a consistent effort to truly know the deepest desires of your heart.  Find the courage to open to the most healing action one can take in this crazy world: to bond with the unbroken, whole, perfection that is life Itself.  Then, choose to trust in and act upon your intuition and "spring forward" will surely take on a whole new and beautiful meaning.

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