The Softer Side of Precision

There is a special power in precision.  It means, "to cut in advance."  It normally takes on a pretty analytical feel and requires planning ahead of time in very specific ways.  Activating precision we hone in and delegate our focus and actions very specifically with the greatest of mental/intellectual/physical expertise.  Most of us are very familiar with these aspects of precision.  But precision can also have a softer, more human side.  Let's consider the following three aspects.


1.  Precision offers satisfaction in an exactness in detail.  A few everyday examples—situations when we may need to take or give someone medicine, when we are following a recipe, or when we clean a space in our home or office.  Let's start with taking or giving too much or too little medicine.  We know this can have negative consequences in either direction.  Following the exact dose gives us the best result from our medicine while also showing responsibility and a more "human side" of precision.  When it comes to baking, too little precision may create quite a disappointing product; but certainly not a reason to stress (unless of course you baked it for an important event or person, which may be a bit unnerving)!  Cleaning a space with precision leaves you feeling greater satisfaction in the job and pride in your space.  In an overall sense, we will likely exert higher levels of precision where the result we seek is of greater value or consequence.  

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2.  Precision can be used to show respect, care or value.  Here, let's use the example of time.  Let's say you tell your child or a friend you will pick them up at a certain time.  Yet, you find yourself being consistently inconsistent in keeping that time agreement sacred.  It may seem to them like you don't care if they have to wait or wonder where you are.  Too many times may chip away at trust between you and the other.  You can also look at this aspect of precision through time when it comes to caring for yourself.  Do you have a morning routine?  Is it precise?  Do you keep that commitment of precision to yourself day after day?  In answering these questions you will begin to understand if you keep your promises to yourself.  If you don't, you aren't showing self respect.  These actions break down Self-honor and self-trust.

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3.  Precision can be used to create personal emphasis.  Let's say you are a competitor in any type of competition.  You may choose to dress in very precise ways to reflect your identity or an element that you believe will elevate and set you apart from your competitors.  Or you may train for the competition in a very specific way in order to develop and demonstrate a special skill, quality or strength.  In a cooking or design competition, you may look for ways to make your dish or garment stand out.  Or, in your work, you may be well known for a special or unique skill or service you offer.  Here, precision gives us a richer result when we emphasize our personal originality or authenticity.  It is a Self-honoring (and often other-honoring) way to express oneself through the tool of precision.

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Using precision with greater humanity will inevitably stretch us to new and richer levels of mind, life, work, health and relationships.  It can positively shape our perspectives and become a way to help measure and ensure personal progress.  When we soften the more analytical side of precision, we find that it can be of great use to us in creating a stronger human connection and a stronger sense of self-respect and self-esteem.  So the next time you hear the word, precise, think beyond the analytics of a measuring tool or math equation, and seek to use precision with a little softness.  One thing is sure, the joy of this improvement will be your gift to share.

Always for YOU,




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