Give it UP

Everyday whether we know it or not we are telling the story of our lives.  This story gets told from several places: one is from the residue of our subconscious mind; those beliefs imprinted on our psyches from birth: parentally, socially and ancestrally.  The other place we grow our story from is our current perspectives on our daily and generalized life experience.  We are all powerful story tellers.  Every one of us has a story of who we are, what our worth is, where we are in life and why we are there.  This all feels very natural, because most of us tell this story in multiple ways everyday, all the time.  Depending on the story you are telling, this can be a good thing or a very destructive thing.  What I have found, is we sometimes get lost in a belief that the story got created first and that our only choice is to live it, rather than realizing we actually create the story that we choose to live.

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We can choose to use our story telling abilities for our good and the good of all others. That's what happens when we begin to move into more positively directed thoughts, eventually followed by beliefs and actions.  This softens the separation between us and others and increases a sense of Universal love and self-confidence.  Walking this path, we become a model of the positive story and a magnet for others who are looking to experience that as well.  Like attracts like.  I learned a method from my teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, that he calls, "the miracle angle."  I received that teaching as a beautiful game. How?  By taking my most painful memories, experiences and circumstances, and writing them down in great detail and then (here's the good part), writing the amazing lessons learned from those experiences.  Essentially, it's "the 180" on opening up to how I let go of bitter and became better, and how those lessons have catapulted me in positive ways on my life path.  It's about realizing and appreciating the fact that there are places we may never have reached had we not experienced those gut wrenching hardships and teased out their true value. 

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This is one method to tap into the energy of Divine love and use what once felt so crippling to find a new way to see it and actually appreciate it.  If we choose to use our logical minds as the only tool on our own life path, we may find ourselves just churning our negative feelings and chasing our tails in exhaustion.  It is our choice to tell the tale of our drowning, or our rising.  Yet, when we can connect with the suppleness that our faith in the divine requires, we open new territories that are nourishing and supportive.  Would you ask yourself the question, "What is the story of the Divine taking this, and using it for a positive outcome in my life?"  If you have the courage to let go of what your mind believes that answer to be, you can open up to give it UP.  I mean that literally.  Not as in quitting, but rather in giving UP the pieces in cooperation with Divine give it UP.  Here you tap into what Love would say about those pieces that felt like barbs, brokenness, stains, or hardships--and then speak and live that--with the knowledge that you are infinitely loved, not conspired against. This requires a willingness to refrain from rushing to assign and define the meaning of your experience from a negative or lack mindset; to choose to rise above and learn how to go beyond and seek true empowerment...and do it regardless of the circumstances.


Although this may sound like a big stretch, it is worth the ask.  This practice can powerfully shorten the path of grief, pain and sorrow.  No one can escape going through difficulties, and we must realize this is a natural and unique part of the human experience.  In truth, challenges look different to each of us.  If I had to guess why this is necessary, regardless of who we are, it might be so that we all can have access to those moments can catapult our growth, evolution, and can turn on our passion or compassion; the moments that eventually help us to embrace our lives in a more positive way.  We learn to direct our true power. 

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This brings us together and gives the gift of understanding that we can always choose to tell our story from the power of positivity, with greater clarity and a more sacred vision.  That my friends, is a story you NEED to tell over and over and over again!  And why not enjoy the feelings that uplift and empower us as we do?  I hope this will create a bit of curiosity around how you are currently telling your "story".  Do you need to throw it out or give it UP?   Consider what of value, if any, you are receiving from that version.  If it lifts you up, then by all means, KEEP TELLING IT!  However, if you feel like your story could use a little revision, then simply choose to give it UP.  This is the way YOU become the true curator of your own life experience and start living from love.

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