Week #1 Self-honor: The Engine of Sovereignty

What is Self-honor?  Self-honor is a way of thinking, feeling, choosing and acting, linking us with the wisdom of our hearts.  This inner wisdom is always uplifting us and is for our Highest good.  Once we create a clear connection to this deep inner voice, we blend it compassionately with our intellect, empowering ourselves to live from a place of protection, confidence, freedom and clarity.  We unlock our ability to be truly independent, increase our sense of self, and awaken our capacity to step into our authentic, empowered selves. Living fully in the energy of Self-honor is what unlocks our sovereignty and accurate perception.  Both are necessary for authenticity, meaningful success and fulfillment.

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How else does Self-honor offer direction?  In today's world, being connected to the wisdom within can help us to decrease confusion and frustration.  There are so many messages "out there" at this time in history that it becomes hard to know what is really happening, what the truth really is, or what or who we should believe.  Self-honor gives us an intuitive "edge" to help us to see a Higher truth more clearly.  Using it, we will grow to depend less and less on outer circumstances, and learn to steady ourselves in our own inner wisdom.  Self-honor allows us to ask our own selves what to do, or what to believe without always having to be asking others for their opinions.  We become our own expert, our own best friend, our own confidante.  We become independent thinkers who are Self-lead.

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How else does Self-honor improve our lives? Self-honor can be thought of as a map to "intentional living."  It requires us to slow down, to ask within instead of react, then, to listen by directing our attention within.  Lastly and also the hardest of all, it asks us to trust.  As we undertake these powerful actions, Self-honor is helping us to consider and act on the inspired answers coming from our Highest good, which are also for our highest good.  We are building the muscles of mastery, integrity, wisdom and compassion.  As you learn to choose with Self-honor, these high quality choices begin to accumulate, creating a high quality life as they dissolve feelings of low self esteem, or indecision.  This is how embracing these choices and acting on them leads us to a greater sense of wellness, wholeness, stability and connection with the Love within.

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What is the definition of a Self-honoring choice?  A Self-honoring choice is one that brings an uplift of energy.  It is "charged" with a high calibration of energy that adds to your energy resources rather than depleting them.  Think about the difference between choosing to feel shame, regret or grief (which are heavy and low calibrating energies), as compared to choosing to feel peaceful, fulfilled or blessed.  By simply learning to make one Self-honoring choice after another, a person can steadily and powerfully upgrade the quality of their own life experience.  Every day.  Extra bonus?  Once you start living it, you also become a beacon of it, sharing and shining your Self-honoring resources by simply showing up.  Just being YOU.  

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Thank you for joining me on week one or our six weeks of Self-honor.  I hope you enjoyed the post.  See you soon!


Karen Palaszek, Founder of Quiet Mountain Wellness

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  • Thanks again for saving the Universe on day at a time :) Love that you care :)

    Gloria Siry

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