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Welcome to the Quiet Mountain Wellness Blog!
Let's get right to it!  We all know that life is a whole lot more fun to live when feeling healthy, happy and energetic.  Yet, getting that way and staying that way can be somewhat of a trick to pull off when we get tossed by life’s ups and downs.  Everyone is seemingly in perpetual motion, so there is not a lot of time to waste.  What most of us know is that when life is going great, it isn’t all that tough to make good choices.  But when life spins you…it can be a whole new ballgame.  It’s when life throws us off our game that we can become more vulnerable.  If that wave of life lasts for more than a few minutes, we had better have some skills and tools and help us get back to our state of happy, healthy balance. 
Enter Quiet Mountain Yoga and Wellness. 
At QMW, we are creating a new definition of wellness that goes far beyond eating pretty well, or not being sick.  It is a robust wellness that represents the whole of who you are.  It is an investment in wholeness that speaks to the state of our bodies, minds, emotions and spiritual connection.  It speaks to our knowledge around caring for ourselves: by building that pool of intelligence, refining and dialing it in.  It’s about having a vision for your life that carries you through the good times and the more challenging ones. And, its about walking up your "mountains" with a sense of joyful experimentation, education, inspiration and accomplishment.
These are the foundations to living well.  That’s why we share information and offer products and services that will serve the whole you.  Choose from specialized consultations, to workshops and programs.  Perhaps you are ready to select one of our visionary yoga products as a new tool to deepen your practice.  We’ve got you covered on your quest to develop a life you love living, in a body you love living in, to a mind you love living with.  We are here for YOU. 
You will also find information on food and lifestyle practices according to the deep wisdom of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, along with products and services to support your Yoga practice, as well as your mantra practice.  Discover programs to expand your consciousness, offering a new or fresh perspective, that deeply support your ability to grow your wellness capacity whether physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual.  Together, our products and services can be truly transformative.
As an experienced Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda teacher, yoga products designer and entrepreneur, Four Desires Trainer, author, and presenter, it is my dream to share what I have learned in the last 13 years to serve you.  As I surround myself with this incredibly powerful wisdom in its many forms, I too am on a continuous path of growth and evolution.  I have seen how these practices change lives for the better.  My goal is to support you in the ways that matter most to you to address your unique concerns, and endeavor to usher in the transformation you desire in your own health and life.  This is the journey.  Let's get to it!
Always for You,

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